Essays and Reflections

Essays by Milan Scholz available in English translation

The Chest Called History

Essay / The old wooden chest slowly disintegrates under the onslaught of years-lasting activity of the woodworm. One of the hinges of the once well-made lid is torn off, and the other hangs on a completely rusty piece of metal that reveals (only after cleaning the spider’s web on it) that it was once an iron…….

Paradox of Human Being: Human Humanness and Human Animality

Essay / Natural laws enabled to use the principle of wheel. But the power which is considered by one part of the humanity as the outcome of the Creator’s work and by the other one as the simple natural evolution did not use this principle in biological practice… However, the wheel grew into one of the elements enabling the control of the world. Thus, it stands against the natural order of the world but, at the same time, it supremely confirms this order……